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Cory’s Car Repairs can replace clutches and dual mass flywheels for all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Clutch Replacement

Replacing a clutch is a fairly routine task on most vehicles, though it can be time-consuming. This is especially true if the vehicle also has a dual-mass flywheel.

Dual-Mass Flywheel Replacement

Many modern vehicles have a dual-mass flywheel which works in conjunction with the clutch to deliver power from the engine to the wheels smoothly. Whilst more common in diesel vehicles, they are becoming more common in petrol vehicles too. If your vehicle has a dual-mass flywheel it is recommended that it be replaced at the same time as the clutch because of the high labour costs associated with removing the gearbox from the vehicle and then disassembling and reassembling the clutch/flywheel mechanism.

Because of both their complex construction and the amount of time required to change them, dual-mass flywheels can be a very expensive to replace, but they are there to protect your gearbox from excessive engine torque and as such, are a vital part of the transmission.

Assessments & Road Tests

Before all repairs (excluding minor repairs), we take every vehicle on a road test with the customer to ensure that we are able to correctly identify the problem(s). We will then give you an estimate before starting work on the repairs. We can photograph the repair at your request and send the pictures via text or email. Please inform us if you would like this service prior to the repairs being carried out. Where appropriate we also keep the old parts to show you once the work is completed. Regardless of your level of automotive knowledge, we will always take the time to explain everything to you so that you fully understand what needs to be done and why. We will also explain the difference between what is vital and what is optional at any given point in time.

Courtesy Car

If we need to keep your vehicle for longer than we expect (e.g. overnight), we can provide you with a free courtesy car (subject to availability). If you would like to borrow the courtesy car for any other reason while we are working on your vehicle, we will charge you just £10 per day. In either case, you just need to insure it yourself and provide us with ID and proof of insurance.


At Cory’s Car Repairs, you have a choice; we can either fit manufacturer’s original parts or “original equipment quality” parts (OE parts). As a rule we fit OE parts because they are made to the same, or better specifications as the manufacturer’s original parts, but if you prefer we will fit original parts – just tell us which you prefer when you book. Either way, your warranty will not be affected because the law as it stands currently, says so.

Parts Availability

We can source most parts for a huge range of vehicles the same day, which means that if you bring your vehicle to us in the morning, we can usually have the service completed by the end of the day. If we need to order something that we cannot get the same day we will let you know as soon as we know.

Makes and Models

We repair all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. Regardless of whether your pride and joy is a 25 year-old Escort or a 2 month-old Bentley, it will be in safe and capable hands.

Qualifications and Experience

Our technicians are all fully qualified and highly experienced on a huge range of vehicles.

Free Estimates

If you would like  a free estimate for servicing your vehicle, give us call us on 01788 540776, or fill in our Free Estimates form and we will get right back to you with a price.

Free Reminder Service

When you have a service due on your car, we can send you a reminder by email or SMS text message. This service is free to all customers. Our system is automated so you need never forget that your car is due for a service again. Just ask at reception or give us a call for more details.

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