Vehicle Diagnostics Rugby Warwickshire

Diagnostics play a very important role in modern car repairs. By connecting one of our three diagnostics computers to your car we can directly access its onboard computers. This allows us to look at a huge amount of information which is stored in your car electronically.

This information includes:

  • Systems checks
  • Systems resets
  • Fault codes
  • Service counters
  • Component functionality
  • Component testing

Without this ability to connect directly to the onboard computer on your car, many tasks would be impossible to carry out.

Here at Cory’s Car Repairs, our diagnostics machines are loaded with the very latest software which means we can directly access the on-board computer of virtually any car. We use Snap-On, Skyes Pickavant and Haynes Scan Diagnostics machines together with an oscilloscope, sensor simulator, battery analyser, power probes and various other diagnostics devices. We also keep technical data and fully circuit diagrams for just about every car and light commercial vehicle on the road.

All of our technicians are fully trained on all of our diagnostics equipment and have had extensive training in areas including:

  • Accessing Technical Information
  • Petrol Engine Technology
  • Diesel Engine Technology
  • Engine Management Systems
  • ABS and Traction Control Systems
  • Engine Managment Systems
  • Airbag Monitoring and Deployment Systems
  • Gearbox Management Systems
  • CAN BUS Systems
  • Fault Analysis and Correction

This means that even when you have a really strange electronic fault on your car, a warning light that won’t stay out (even after the main dealer has reset it), or perhaps something as simple as a bulb that keeps blowing repetitively, we can get right to the heart of the problem and solve it comprehensively.

So if your car needs some diagnostics work, here at Cory’s Car Repairs we have the tools, experience and knowledge to solve the problem for you quickly. To find out more give us a call on 01788 540776. Alternatively, use the Free Estimates form for prices.

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