Vehicle Tracking Rugby Warwickshire

In simple terms, a car that has its tracking set properly has all four wheels pointing in the same direction.

If you hit a kerb or a pothole (even at low speed) your tracking can become misaligned. This increases friction on the tyres which leads to increased tyre wear and poor fuel economy. It can also cause handling problems and will ultimately affect your safety.

Not all Tracking Services are the Same

Many garages offer 4 wheel-laser tracking and alignment, but few do so to the standards we insist upon, so beware of cheap imitations.

Visual and Mechanical Checks

Before we do any tracking we always check the vehicle for visible mechanical wear or damage – especially the suspension. If we find anything wrong with your suspension or any of the vehicle’s other mechanical systems, we will quote you for putting them right before carrying out (and charging you for) tracking.

Once we are happy with the mechanical integrity of your vehicle, we will carry out the tracking.

Initial Tracking

Using our state-of-the-art laser tracking equipment – Choose from:

  1. Basic Tracking = £40.50
  2. Full 4-Wheel Alignment = £67.50
  3. Full Camber, Caster and Geometry = £81.00

All prices include VAT at 20%.

Post-Tracking Road Test

Having carried out the tracking and alignment, we take your vehicle for a second road test to confirm that we have solved the problem.

Final Tracking

Following the road test, we will re-check your tracking to make sure everything is OK.

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